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prepare to enjoy the technology advances

15 Des 2014 
Technology advances have made it easier to human activities
. If you had a lot of people find it difficult to get the job done, it is now easier for people to complete the work due to the rapid technological developments. Technological developments arguably have started at the beginning of this millennium. Originated from the portable computer developed by several inventors, now the technology is growing rapidly. Only with one computer only we could access a variety of information and to see the development of technology that is going on around us. From the start the computer we can see that almost all of the existing technology is derived from the computer. That means we can control an object only with the computer. This is the beginning of all technology advances. And now, the development of technology is increasing again because we do not need a computer to control an object. Now we have Smartphone that can connect to the internet and has been slowly shifting the functions of the computer.

Evidently there are a lot of people who prefer to write their email via a Smartphone than a computer. But it is undeniable that the early development of the computer technology that we enjoy today. There are so many benefits that we can get with the technology advances. In addition to easier access to information, we also could have a better life. People are becoming more comfortable in the work thus indirectly affects human psychology. It is evident that human well utilize technological developments can have a better psychology. People may find it helpful to utilize technology and have plenty of time to do other fun activities. Obviously this adds happiness felt by people. Unlike the people who abuse technology development, they are vulnerable to stress because of what they want cannot they realize. If you want to feel happy, you can take advantage of technological developments to the fair so that it will make you feel happier.

It is undeniable that the current technology has been part of human life. All objects that exist around us certainly have technology and will continue to evolve again and again. If at first we were helped by the computer to complete our work, and benefit from the development of technology will make us happy, it is not impossible if sometime in the future development of technology can replace the entire role of humans in performing their duties. We need to prepare to face technology advances.
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